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2009-09-02 14:54:16 by Mattadon

Ugh...Animating is so very time consuming...I really don't have enough patience for this. Still, It'll be worth it in the end...Hopefully...

I has Flash!

2009-07-23 07:58:32 by Mattadon

Yes I do. Now all I have to do is get good at it....

Note to All who have the time to read it

2009-07-21 09:37:32 by Mattadon

Since I just joined i thought I'd make this clear. I am an absolute beginner when It comes to flash, being someone who doesn't actually own it yet but my copy is in the post (At last!). My only experience with it has been school projects so far so....yeah....that says a lot. Anyway, I was going to upload the included picture to the art portal until I read that sketches aren't allowed. Next time, I'll read ahead before doing something.

Note to All who have the time to read it